DatanetDatanet has been capturing data electronically for 43 years. We capture large research projects such as capturing registrations of all polling stations and result capturing for all nine provinces as well as for small projects.

Our services include:

  • Supplying Data Capturers on site
  • Data Capturing and Processing
  • Transforming printed or written data to computerised media
  • Questionnaire Design Consulting, we will assist you in designing a questionnaire that is both suitable for statistical purposes and easy to capture on computer
  • Microsoft Access Database Design & Maintenance
  • Access Database Programming
  • Development of medium and small database in Microsoft Access
  • Converting text data into SPSS format.

Datanet can present the captured data in formats that include: Flat ASCII files (Text); Comma, Pipe or Tab delimited files; Microsoft Access files; Microsoft Excel files; Multi punching; SPSS.