A Fresh Approach To Data

Turning raw data into strategic insights has become a more sophisticated process.

Traditional use of data:

Internal sources

  • Transactional Data
  • Customer Data
  • Employee Data
  • Marketing Data

External sources

  • Market Data
  • Economic Data

Typically, different sources and types of data are looked at separately.

The Data Consortium's approach:

  • Look into each data type to discover underlying issues and new information
  • Put disparate data sets together
  • By examining meaningful relationships between data sets, we reveal new ways of understanding

Your customers - allowing you to segment groups of customers in a more relevant and usable way

Demand for your product, and the factors that influence this

Market trends, the facts that influence these and the competitive landscape

Growth opportunities, e.g. growing sales of different products to different categories of customers at different times

Marketing activities and other business practices that are having the greatest impact on your business

Risks of losing sales or customers,
to whom, and why